• Investing in the future of society and environment


    With UNITED17 Ventures and BITHOUSE VENTURE GROUP's global reach and commitment to a healthy and sustainable future, our organization invests in ventures lead by ethical teams who are focused on capital gains and sustainable societies. We work with networks of investors who value the implementation of principles which contribute to the integration of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) into their investment practices. We use our broad influence on governmental, institutional, and startup acceleration networks to promote ESG values in our investment circles and portfolio networks.


    We gravitate towards supporting those who value both gender and ethnic diversity amongst the teams they invest, as well as solutions which have the potential to benefit communities across the globe.   


    How you invest does matter! UNITED17 Ventures is on a mission to level the playing field.

    Why the Underrepresented?

    Research shows that diverse teams working together and capitalizing on innovative ideas and distinct perspectives outperform homogenous teams. Scientists and trainees from diverse backgrounds and life experiences bring different perspectives, creativity, and individual enterprise to address complex scientific problems. -NIH

    $6M Less Valuation

    There is a widening gap in the early-stage market as it relates to median startup valuation for female-founded ventures versus the overall market. -Pitchbook

    1% Decrease

    In 2020 venture funding in all-female founded teams declined to 2.4% vs 3.4% of venture capital dollars invested in the U.S. in 2019. -Crunchbase

    75% of the Earth's Surface

    According to the UN Environment Program (UNEP), human activity has disrupted almost 75 per cent of the earth’s surface and put some one million animal and plant species on the endangered list. -COP26

    $4B in Agricultural Innovation

    $4B towards public sector investment will go towards agricultural innovation, including the development of climate-resilient crops and regenerative solutions. Hundreds of millions of farmers will be able to afford these resources. -COP26

    51B Tons of Greenhouse Gases

    Every year, the world adds approximately 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, the only way to avoid the worst impacts of climate change is to stop adding greenhouse gases by 2050. -Breakthrough Energy

    7% in Science and Engineering

    In 2015, only 7 percent of science and engineering doctorate holders employed as full-time, full professors at all institutions were from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. Those from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups were less likely to receive federal grants or contracts than their white counterparts. -National Science Foundation

    76% of VC Investment

    Between 2009 and 2019, 76% of VC investment went to all-white founding teams, whilst only 23.36% went to multiracial founding teams and 0.24% went to all-Black founding teams. - Tech Nation Extend VC and Impact X – Diversity Beyond Gender report


    Investment dollars for the first three quarters of 2021 have nearly doubled from 2020. -PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor

    80.2% of Venture

    80.2% of venture capital went to all-male founded companies. Only 2.0% went to all-female-founded companies. -Pitchbook