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    20% Pledge


    The 20% Pledge is a concept that enables change amongst innovation, funding mechanisms, corporate leadership, climate change initiatives, and global health and wellbeing initiatives. 

    This pledge helps institutions to move beyond tokenism, and to allocate resources to communities, influencers and innovative solutions that are important and relevant via an inclusive lens vs a lens of privilege. 

    We encourage philanthropists, non profit organizations, corporations and funds to rebuild leadership teams, innovative infrastructures, and investment models to be more representative of society in it's entirety by allocating 20% of resources and net profits by 2040 amongst 5 key pillars: Innovation, Healthcare, Climate Impact, Education, and Financial Services.

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    5D Diversity Model(TM)

    We invest with entities authentically interested in impacting society and environment. By working with diverse teams who invest and who build, we know that the outcome will generate yields and develop resilient solutions. We look beyond the PowerPoint, and invest in people, their networks and their capability to engage with difference. We like to provide funding resources to those who uphold our values. We utilize our 5D Diversity Model(TM) to make our decisions.


    UNITED17 VENTURES is selective, we push the envelope and only manage organizational resources, support innovations and/or align with funding partners who want to invest in the future of society and environment by taking into account the following elements of diversity, equity and inclusion that contribute to sustainable teams, excellent products, and inclusive customer service.

    Industry Background

    Business laterals inclusive of professionals from diverse industry backgrounds.


    Country of Origin

    Teams inclusive of individuals from diverse countries of origin.


    Career Path


    Teams inclusive of individuals who have different long term career goals.




    Leadership teams inclusive of 20% gender diversity. 50% is best.


    Ethnic Background

    Leadership teams that are composed of those from diverse origins.

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    We Vote for 20%

    Something must change. This 2% is not good enough. Let's improve DEI efforts in tech across the board.


    "80.2% of venture capital went to all-male founded companies. Only 2.0% went to all-female-founded companies." Pitchbook


    Let's just make sure we have 20% diversity via the utilization of the 5D Diversity Model (TM) and increase VC to women and underrepresented founders ALL TOGETHER.