"We fund and receive funds from high net worth individuals, private equity, public equity, and corporate funding vehicles who want to make impact vs who just use buzz words and marketing images to imply their interest in change and transformation. We are disrupting the norm by taking diversity milestones #beyondtokenism and investing in solutions that take into account leadership infrastructures that are diverse across the following laterals: industry background, country origin, career path, gender, and ethnic diversity."


    Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks


    We help the world move #beyondtokenism in a sustainable way


    UNITED17 Ventures, the SPARKS FUND works with those who want to invest in the best across the globe. We utilize our global network of business mentors, investors, and business scouts to support entrepreneurs and companies capable of servicing the needs of society and environment. We grant resources versus take equity. We aim to correct the investment gap that has robbed the innovation ecosystem of sustainable solutions capable of obtaining mainstream access, scalability, and global adoption milestones.

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    The Sparks Fund of UNITED17 VENTURES

    is resilient.


    Times have changed. Some companies mature faster than others. Comparing software companies to hardware and/or life science companies is like comparing apples to oranges. We treat each company independently, and we are resilient. We look for excellence and beyond visible ecosystems. We value excellence across cultures, countries and cities. We invest in those who can take the mental leap and function beyond the deck.


    Old school ecosystems are simply NOT sustainable.

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    The Sparks Fund of UNITED17 Ventures

    is intentional.


    A study was conducted across 171 German, Swiss, and Austrian companies which showed a clear relationship between the diversity of companies’ management teams and the revenues they get from innovative products and services. To reach its potential, startup innovation ecosystems and workplace leadership teams must move diversity efforts beyond tokenism. The study showed that Innovation performance increases significantly when the workforce includes more than 20% underrepresentation in management positions. - BCG Mix That Matters


    Diversity IS NOT just a US issue.

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    The Sparks Fund of UNITED17 Ventures

    is unapologetic.


    We are unapologetic, simply because we understand different cultures, mainstream networks, and what it is like to be on the opposite side of the decision making table. We are empathetic, yet honest about how deals are decided upon and made. We know that access plays a greater role in decision making processes vs skill as it relates to the majority of investment decisions.


    We don't apologize for being honest with ourselves, our investors, and/or the entrepreneurs we fund.

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    The Sparks Fund of UNITED17 Ventures

    provides grant resources as investment.

    It is no secret that local yet global solutions are needed to maintain economies of scale across the globe. States and governments are looking for the best innovations to invest in across Europe, Asia and the Americas. We help you allocate those resources to deserving founders who are great ambassadors for your region across the globe. We grant resources and believe in the honor system to fund future technology solutions. We don't take from those who are barely standing, we give to those with great IP, outstanding teams, and disruptive business models.


    We invest in the best for society and environment.


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    The Sparks Fund of UNITED17 Ventures

    are champions of diversity.

    Underrepresented founders are located at the bottom of the totem pole, as it relates to venture capital allocation, executive leadership posts, and venture development opportunities. Women, minorities, expats, immigrants, are typically asked to take a seat at the table, once all seats have been filled, or quotas must be met. Before they start building they are already at a disadvantage. The Sparks Fund of UNITED17 empowers and enables. We "bridge the gap," by "connecting the dots."


    We know what it feels like to be diverse and are champions of diversity, no matter how you slice or dice it.