Our investment and venture model is built to last. We mirror society and connect the dots.



    UNITED17 Ventures is BUILT to last. We Empower companies who Value diversity, equity and inclusion while embracing the future of society and environment.


    UNITED17 Ventures is a leading global philanthropic and venture investment business vehicle managing and granting capital on behalf of corporate institutions, governments, non profits and high net worth individuals. Our mission is to create long-term value for our clients through the careful, and inclusive stewardship of their capital.


    We invest across the laterals of life sciences, agrifood, sustainable luxury, education, mobility, and creative industries. well as in infrastructure, life sciences, insurance, and growth equity. Our efforts and grant capital fuel growth of companies solving problems of today and tomorrow via innovative, yet inclusive approaches.


    We are Berlin founded, with legal entities in Basel, London, Shanghai, Washington DC, New York, Austin and San Francisco.


    UNITED17 Ventures is an innovative investment vehicle which creates opportunities for creatives, life sciences, sustainability, inclusive data and technology-enabled solutions. We invest in solutions that are inclusive, ethical and cutting edge.


    UNITED17 Ventures aligns with those who are willing to tackle solutions via our 5D Diversity Model(TM) approach.


    UNITED17 Ventures believes in sustainable investments. We identify and create opportunities for high net worth individuals, enterprises and governments through innovation scouting and investment opportunities across the globe. We allocate funds and manage resources for those investing in the future of society and environment.


    UNITED17 Ventures understands the value of culture. Some countries value speed while others value relationships. Some people invest in solutions that add value to others, while others invest in solutions that they are aware of. Some cultures welcome difference, while others value those who think alike. Some people want to invest in their own kind while others are capable in investing without biases.


    We invest intelligently and diversely!

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